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We work with high growth companies to ideate, validate and bring new products to market.

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What we believe in
From idea to shipped product

Our approach places users front and center. Continuous in-market resonance testing provides real time user data to drive key product decisions.


Conduct extensive qualitative and quantitative user research to identify opportunities and product features .

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Prototype and test concepts and features early and often, validating what works and tossing what doesn't.

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Turn validated experiences into design & technical requirements guiding implementation and accelerating growth.

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Problems we solve

At each stage during the product lifecycle different challenges arise.
We're there every step of the way.

Stalled Growth

Your idea is a winner but you're struggling to hit KPIs. You're fielding feature requests from various stakeholders and spinning your wheels.

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User Churn

Converted users don't stick around while you spend money acquiring new customers only to watch them walk out the door a short time later.

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Misaligned Product Vision

A blurry vision confuses team members. You find yourself rehashing the same conversations as the team becomes frustrated with a lack of clarity.

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Poor User Experience

Pieces of the product have been layered on over time resulting in a poor, confusing & hard to use experience.

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Clogged Dev Pipeline

Your team is stuck in build mode. Every feature takes 2-3x the estimate delaying critical build-deploy-learn cycles.

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Research Skills Gap

Your team is talented but they're stretched thin. User research is a priority but you don't have the resources or know how to execute.

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What we believe in

Our methodology

Effectual reasoning, we work backwards.

Building a product is an exploration towards an unknown destination. Objectives change as new insights surface and with this, so should the solution, but too often it doesn't.

We fall in love with the problem and derive multiple imagined ends, test and adjust to drive growth.


How we get there

Not by mistake. One part art, one part science and one part experimentation.

We blend human centered design with behavioral science, nail the basics and then dream up out-of-the-box concepts, test early and often, weed out the losers and double down on the winners.


How we work

Step by step.

Each phase builds on the previous. While the process looks linear, it’s iterative in driving product growth as we move through each phase.


Our capabilities

From idea to delivery.

We talk the talk and walk the walk though the entire product life cycle taking a concept from an idea into a full functioning interactive frontend experience all backed by real in-market data.

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“Product market fit is hard work, and EV accelerates this by taking a behavioral approach to where the value is hidden and they do so by being a great partner and nimble thinkers.”

Andy Van Solkema

OwnIt | Chief Product Officer

Build Products That Stick

Decoding the Why explores how high growth companies can ideate, validate and accelerate product growth by leveraging behavioral science.

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